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Palomino Moon

Palomino Moon (Stamile 1989)

For anyone who may be suffering from daylily withdrawal, here are the latest in daylily blooms. The name of each plant is followed by the name of the hybridizer and the date the cultiver was registered or introduced.


Outrageous (Stevens 1978)

Unique Purple

Unique Purple (Childs 1979)

Heaven Can Wait

Heaven Can Wait (Hansen 1990)


Asterisk (Lambert 1985)


Roswitha (Trimmer 1992)

South Seas

South Seas (Moldovan 1993)

New Series

New Series (Carpenter 1982)

Malaysian Monarch

Malaysian Monarch (Munson 1986)

Priscilla's Rainbow

Priscilla's Rainbow (Spalding 1986)

Pink Super Spider

Pink Super Spider (Carpenter 1982)


Trahlyta (Childs 1982)

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Today’s photographs feature some of the beauties that have been stealing the limelight around the garden this week. Lest you should think that I have nothing but daylilies, I have added a new page to my blog, a garden inventory of plants. Many of these plants are new this year, so won’t reach their full potential for another year or two. Meanwhile, the daylilies continue to be the stars of the July garden.

Ruby Spider

Umbrella Parade

Autumn Mineret

Frans Hals and monarda

Siloam Little Girl

Chance Encounter

Bonanza and hostas

New Series


South Seas

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When I went out to see what was blooming in the daylily patch last, someone else was already admiring the flowers. This little garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) prepared to make a swift exit as he kept a wary eye on my approach. I have to admit to having no desire to pick up or otherwise interact with snakes, but I’m glad to have them visit my garden, even if they’re not so eye catching as Kenton and Rebeccas’ corn snakes! Here are some of the blooms the snake and I enjoyed.

Prague Spring (Lambert 1989)

Prague Spring (Lambert 1989)


Chance Encounter (Stamile 1994)

Nile Plum (Munson 1984)

Cameroons (Munson 1984)

Trahlyta (Childs 1982)

Trahlyta (Childs 1982)

Starman's Quest (Burkey 1989)

Starman's Quest (Burkey 1989)

Starman’s Quest is an offspring of Trahlyta. The family resemblance is easy to see, with Starman having a more spidery form. By the time I had visited all the flowers, Little Snake had decided I was no threat and settled down to enjoy the garden in peace.


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