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If you read very much at all about the state of our planet it is hard not to be discouraged. The problems seem overwhelming. Climate change, habitat destruction, species extinction, the list is long. It is also difficult to make big changes in your lifestyle. However, there are many little changes you can make that, when multiplied millions of times over by everyone else across the continent, do make a difference. The impact of a global Earth Hour illustrates the power of one act multiplied by many. Toilet paper offers an incredibly simple way to save trees. The North American obsession with softer-than-soft toilet paper drove an increase in sales of these products by up to 40% in some markets in 2008 alone. That softness comes at a price. It requires the long fibers that come from living trees rather than the shorter fibers obtained from recycled materials. Some of those long fibers come from the last virgin forests of North America, an irreplaceable habitat. In addition, it requires more water and uses more bleach to turn trees into paper than to recycle paper fibers. But those longer fibers aren’t necessary. Toilet paper can be made from 100% recycled paper products. For the whole story, check out this New York Times story. Not one tree should be used for toilet paper.

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