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Slip Sliding Away


I’ve been trying to get out sledding for three winters now. This isn’t easy to do around here, where the landscape resembles a pancake. Finding any sort of sloping surface requires a bit of a drive. Two winters ago, I was actually in my car, driving north, when the transmission of my car broke down. That was the end of driving for that winter.

Then, last winter, before I managed to make it out to a hill, I wrenched my shoulder and ended up in physiotherapy for the rest of the season.


I haven’t been able to interest anyone in going with me. It’s sad when you reach the day when your kids are older than you are.


This winter, it has been too cold, too snowy, too busy, until yesterday, when I finally made it up to Walter Baker park. I hadn’t been there before and wasn’t sure what to expect. It is a nice hill, quite steep, with a long runout. There was no one there but me. So I hiked up the lane to the top of the hill, blue Flying Saucer in hand.


There was a very nice view from the top of the hill. I plunked down on my saucer and shoved off. It was hard to remember to hold the shutter down on my camera! Here’s my ride. Wheeee!

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