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In spite of a paucity of attention from the head gardener this spring, the garden is looking beautiful. The late June garden is dominated by the Giant Fleeceflower (Persicaria polymorpha). This is its third year, and it has now achieved impressive dimensions. It’s over 6 feet tall and about the same wide. The white plumes are at their most eye-catching in the morning and the evening, when backlit by the low sun. Persicaria polymorpha is well-behaved, not given to sprawling onto its neighbours nor intent on invading garden spaces farther afield. If you have enough space, it is highly recommended.


This spring, I dug out an additional couple of feet around one edge of the persicaria bed in order to improve the flow of the pathway sight line. Railguy has been very helpful in other garden expansion work and was primarily responsible for clearing out a section of overgrown shade garden and installing a pathway.


The garden angel looks quite at home in her new location. She holds a shallow dish where insects can find water without risk of drowning.


Railguy has also been working on redefining and clearing out the overgrown east border garden. This weekend, the corgis were visiting, and Remy took an active interest in the digging process. He attempts to catch each clod as it is tossed out of the garden.



Pookie takes the sensible position that gardens should be restful places where one can refresh one’s soul.


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