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When I went out the door this morning, on my way to the barn to feed the horses, my ears picked up a joyous sound. The call of Red-winged Blackbirds! There was a flock of a dozen or so birds swaying on branches high up in a maple tree. They took off before I could grab my camera, but later in the morning I was able to get a picture of the fellow above, an official record of the first Red-wing of spring. According to the calendar, spring doesn’t arrive until the 20th, but for all of us who watch for the first Red-wing, the march to summer has officially begun.

Today it is mild, 3 degrees C (about 37 F) and snow is rapidly melting. It would be very pleasant were it not for the wild wind that is howling. It’s hard to capture wind in a still photograph, but the shot of this little White Pine will give you an idea of the force of the wind. That poor little tree! It’s had a tough winter. On at least three occasions, it has been so burdened by the weight of ice and wet snow, its crown has bowed down and touched the ground. I hope that over the summer it will be able to straighten up and grow stronger, ready to face next winter with a little more fortitude.


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Windy Winter Day

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