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The March full moon is named the Worm Moon, in recognition of the coming spring and the thawing of the soil. The Old Farmer’s Almanac endorses this name, but here in eastern Ontario it seems a bit early for worms. Other names sometimes used, the Crow Moon, the Sap, or Sugar Moon, seem more appropriate for our northern weather conditions right now. Still, it won’t be long till the earth is muddy and worms are at work. If you are a gardener, or otherwise a digger in soil, you might like to consider participating in Worm Watch this year.


One of the most amazing things about the natural world is how little we know about it. Scientists and environmentalists are increasingly appreciating the value of getting people interested and involved in gathering data on a number of phenomenon. Project Feederwatch, for example, has been gathering data from backyard feeders for about 30 years. While birds are easily viewed and many people enjoy winter bird feeding, worms aren’t as easy to study. Not much is currently known about earthworm diversity. At Worm Watch, you can learn about different kinds of worms and how to identify them, how to monitor worms and how to record your observations. The above-pictured poster is available to help you. Who knew there was a Canadian worm (Aporrectodea tuberculata)?


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