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Ever since we visited the Great Canadian Bungee Jump site last summer following a hike in the Gatineau region, I have had a hankering to try the zipline ride.


There’s no way I would even consider bungee jumping. Just walking out on the platform would terrify me! But I thought the zipline, or Ripride as they call it, would be cool. The bungee jump and Ripride are set in a mined-out quarry that is now filled with strikingly aqua-blue water. There is a tall tower and platform for the bungee jump, while the Ripride starts from a platform to the right of the bungee jump.


The Ripride is a 1015 ft. cable slide. It starts 200 ft. above the water and the cable carries you out over the water. A landing platform where you dismount is set in the middle of the little lake.

With the end of summer on the horizon, Seabrooke and I decided we had to make the trip out to Gatineau soon, and this Wednesday we finally made it! Seabrooke kindly recorded these photos of my ride.





The scariest part of the ride was the anticipation. The ride itself is fun, an exhilarating rush. Seabrooke and I thought we might go back next year, but if we don’t make it, we’re satisfied that we have met the challenge.

A special thank you to Seabrooke for indulging my whim to try the ride and being my partner in adventure! We finished up the day with supper in Wakefield, the little town just north of the Great Canadian Bungee Jump. It was a fun day.


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For my birthday, which was back in December, Seabrooke gifted me with an I.O.U. for a visit to Wheeler’s Pancake House and Sugar Camp, near Lanark. We’ve been waiting for the maple syrup season to get underway, and last Friday, we were finally able to get together for our outing. It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold! We arrived just in time for lunch and were happy to get settled at a table to enjoy the view through the window.


We had pancakes and beans. Everything was delicious, and the light, fluffy pancakes were wonderful with Wheeler’s own maple syrup. After eating, we visited the exhibits in the Maple Museum. Here is Seabrooke, posing with old-time evaporation kettles. There were impressive collections of maple-syrup related items such as these syrup pots.


We said hello to the highland cattle and the sheep. On weekends, there are horse-drawn sleigh rides. We were sorry to miss the horses.


There is a selection of trails that you can follow through the 730 acres of maple bush, but it was a cold enough day that we settled for the shortest hike, just enough to get a feel for the forest and see the sap collection system.


Many, many trees are tapped. Rather than the traditional method of collecting sap in buckets, the trees are hooked into a maze of blue pipes that carry the sap back to a central collection point. A vacuum pump keeps the sap moving. On the day we visited, though, it was so cold that everything was frozen.


On our way back to the parking lot, we stopped at the children’s playground. It was a quiet day and the playground wasn’t busy, so we each had a turn on the zipline. Wheeeeee! Next to the pancakes, that was our favorite part of the visit! Maybe we’ll return for another lunch and hike when the weather warms up.



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