March Ride



Spring Robin


Although Red-winged Blackbirds have been back for a couple of weeks now, this was the first robin I have spotted. I saw him late yesterday afternoon, March 10th, as I returned home from an outing.


Sunset Glow



February Thaw


As I walked out this morning, I thought I heard an oak-a-leeee! I stopped and listened, but heard nothing more. Could my imagination be playing tricks on me? But no, I spotted several red-wings, foraging along the riverbank! After a long string of March return dates, last year the red-wings returned in the midst of a February mild spell. We are again experiencing a February thaw, with the temperature today at 10 degrees celsius. Here is the record of past return dates:

2018: February 21st
2017: February 23rd
2016: March 6th
2015: March 21st
2014: March 15th
2013: March 10th
2012: March 3rd
2011: March 10th
2010: March 10th
2009: March 7th



Raising Readers


Here’s daughter Seabrooke, reading with one-year-old son Rowan, three-year-old daughter Coralie, and two-year-old nephew Everett. Books have always been important in our family. Now there is a new generation of readers in the making. Seabrooke went on to become an author! Her Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Northeastern North America was published a few years ago, and a new guide, Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Southeastern North America is set to be released through Amazon on March 13th!



Our special valentine, grandson Rowan, who is one year old today.