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Baby at 12 months.

Ponygirl and I first acquired Baby two years ago, as a companion to Ponygirl’s horse, Diva, and to give Baby a better home.
Poor Baby. She was just 12 months old when we got her, but she had already had a tough life. Born in Manitoba, she had been shipped to auction in Ontario when just 4 1/2 months old, driven for countless hours in a trailer with other frightened babies. It’s not clear who purchased her, but when we found her, she was seriously undernourished. Through lack of good quality feed, she had failed to thrive. Her ribs showed, her head looked several sizes too big for her stunted body, her tiny feet were poorly developed, starved for nutrients.


Baby just before her 3rd birthday.

Baby came with the name Angel but neither Baby nor Angel is her real name. She is registered as a quarter horse under the name Leo’s Tuff Jackie. Her colour is called perlino, a pale cream set off by blue eyes. Her odd colouring gave her an ethereal look that no doubt prompted the name Angel. However, as our youngest horse, she became Baby, and so far the nickname has stuck.

Baby will be 3 years old on May 25th. She has grown well and is close to the size she should be, with still a bit of maturing to do. Ponygirl has been gently starting her under saddle and she is coming along well. Her quiet, easy-going personality makes her easy to work with and stands in sharp contrast to her arabian stablemates. Here she is, pictured below, enjoying spring grass with the rest of the gang at Ponygirl’s stable.


Baby, far right, with Diva nearest to her.

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