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Turkey Time


It’s not uncommon to see Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) around the area. Over the winter and spring, I occasionally saw a small flock of turkeys well down our field, near the forest. If I went outside and approached them, they beat a hasty retreat into the woods. It’s incredible how totally these large birds can disappear in the forest. By the time I reached the trees, there would be not the slightest sign of turkeys.


Therefore, I was very surprised when I glanced out the living room window on Tuesday morning and saw a turkey in the yard! On closer inspection, I found that he was not alone. The rest of the flock was casually strolling about too.

turkey pair

The spot where the turkey was standing is where I usually throw out a bit of seed for the birds every day. I don’t know how the turkeys discovered it, but that turkey sure looked expectant! Unfortunately, I hadn’t gotten around to my morning seed run yet. After gazing reproachfully at the house for a few minutes, the turkey and his flock-mates made a gracious exit and returned down the field to the forest.


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