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After several beautiful, mild, snow-melting days, I decided it was time to start my tomato seeds. I’m not a big seed starter. I can usually satisfy my modest need for vegetable seedlings at local nurseries. Except for tomatoes. For the last several years, I’ve experimented with heirloom varieties and have really enjoyed the results. Two years ago, I tried a package of mixed seeds and was encouraged by their success. Here’s a report here. Last year I tried a few different varieties and was especially impressed with Persimmon and Jaune Flamme.

So this is my third year for starting tomato seedlings. In previous years, I’ve just used sunlight, but this year I broke down and bought a grow light to extend the day for the little greenlings. I know, just an ordinary fluorescent fixture affixed in an appropriate location will do the job, but I liked the convenience of this compact stand. This afternoon, I planted 4 seeds of each of 8 varieties. Okay, little seeds, get growing!

Here are the varieties I planted: Black Krim, Black Pineapple, Brandywine Red, Chocolate Stripe, Emerald Evergreen, Purple Prudence, Sub-Arctic Plenty and White Queen.


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