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Last year, March came in like a lamb, and this year we have again enjoyed a pleasant beginning to the new month. In fact, the temperature has been a bit milder than it was at this time last year. A cool wind has been blowing, but the warmth of the March sun is not to be denied. The snow and ice melts away a bit more each day under the sun’s persistent gaze.

The river has been gradually opening as the ice melts away. Areas where the snow was cleared away now turn muddy every day and then the ground freezes again at night as the temperature drops.

The fields are still covered in snow, but more and more grassy stems are being revealed.

The pond is still covered with ice, but the snow is melting away from the base of trees, leaving wells of open ground.

We may still have another winter storm or two coming our way that will replenish the diminishing snow, but the trees know that summer is on its way. The maple buds are swollen and red.

I walked down the hedgerow at the edge of the field today to look for my favorite early sign of spring, and sure enough, high up in the treetops the first white catkins could be seen peeking out. Spring is at hand.

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