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One of the most positive things about the Copenhagen climate change conference was how much attention it garnered on the world stage.  The 4th Annual Earth Hour offers another opportunity for citizens of the world to tell politicians everywhere that it is time to act.  We need positive action, not more excuses. Drop by the World Wildlife Fund website for Earth Hour Central.

It is getting harder and harder for old-style do-nothing politicians such as Stephen Harper to hide from mounting public concern. Canadians are bombarded with the government’s braggadocio TV commercials daily, telling us how “Canada’s Economic Action Plan” is helping all Canadians. Recently, the Fraser Institute, a conservative Vancouver-based think-tank weighed in, observing that the federal government’s spending spree has done little but throw Canadians collectively deeper into debt.

In a comparison of “green” or “environmentally-friendly” stimulus spending by G20 countries, Canada ranks near the bottom of the list, with a tiny 8% of stimulus spending devoted to green initiatives. Compare that to the action of more forward-thinking countries such as South Korea, where the investment of 79% of stimulus money in green projects will pay dividends to Korean citizens in the future. Mr. Harper, Canadians deserve responsible spending today to ensure a better future tomorrow.

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