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All winter long, Louis and the two horses have been dressed in cozy winter blankets. Last year, when they were outdoors full time, they often were double-blanketed. This winter, they have had comfortable stalls to rest in at night. As they have been able to escape from the worst of winter’s icy blast in their new accommodations, only one blanket has been necessary. Also, the winter was milder this year than last.

With the warmth of the sun increasing daily, I decided to take off their blankets, at least until colder weather blows back in. Louis, especially, seems to appreciate this. He has his own long, furry coat that protects him well.

The horses have shorter coats than Louis, but are nevertheless pretty furry. Here is Czarina, enjoying the sun.

Here is Mousie sunbathing in the morning sun.

When I tidy up the stalls in the greenhouse barn, Louis likes to keep me company. He’s a sociable fellow.

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