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With the government set to spend megabucks reviving the economy, you’d think investing in green energy would be a no-brainer. Check out the Green Energy Act Alliance website to see what’s new. Watch the David Suzuki video. Sign the petition.

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Capone’s name was inspired by his appearance. He has hooded eyes that imbue him with a malevolent look, and he is dressed in a grey striped suit. Any similarity with a gangster ends there, because Capone is one shy, sweet, gentle guy. He was one of the kittens that was deserted with Momcat on a country roadside and accompanied her to our house. He wasn’t too hard to catch because by the time that kitten had been roughing it in the bush for a few weeks, he was one sick little fellow.

Capone, soaking up the sun

Capone, soaking up the sun

He had a runny nose and needed a trip to the vet for treatment of a respiratory infection. He also had a strange lump right at the center of his chest. The lump turned out to be a cuterebra larva. Cuterebra are a species of fly that lay their eggs at the entrance to rabbit and animal burrows. The eggs are picked up by the animals sniffing around the den and when they hatch, the larva burrows into the animal. On a cat, they can form a cyst-like lump with a small breathing hole at its center. The larva can grow up to half an inch long. The vet was able to remove the larva from Capone. Another kitten had a larva growing in his nasal cavity that was removed through his nostril. Gross! Check here for more information.

Because cats can be very independent, people often mistakenly think they can look after themselves outside. But there are many dangers in the outdoor world. Cats belong indoors where they are safe. Here are recommendations from the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies for indoor cats.


Capone is easygoing and gets along with everyone. He is often curled up with one of his fellow cats. Here he is with younger brother Mikey.

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