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This e-flyer from President’s Choice arrived in my inbox a week or two ago. I was impressed. After reading The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat , by Charles Clover, and Song For The Blue Ocean by Carl Safina, I pretty much swore off seafood of any kind. If things are bad here on dry land, the state of the oceans is a disaster. I miss the odd can of tuna or shrimp ring, but I can live very nicely without seafood. If you HAVE to have fish, however, looking for Marine Stewardship Council-approved sources is a step in the right direction. Kudos to Loblaws for promoting MSC. They even show a link to the MSC website, www.msc.org. I don’t have the book at hand, but I seem to recall Safina mentions that MacDonald’s fish fillet is sourced from approved fish.

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